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Origin of Name:
English and Irish origin. The name has two possible sources, the first being from the Breton personal name "Aeruiu" or "Haerviu", composed of the elements "haer", meaning battle, and "vy", - worthy. The second source is Irish, although in fact most nameholders in Ireland do descend from English settlers, it is said that a Galway clan called originally the O'hAirmheadhaigh, did 'anglicise' their name to Harvey or Harvie. The Gaelic translates as 'the descendant of the son of Airmed'.  The surname is generally recorded as Harvey, Harvie, Hervie and Hervey.
Family Connections:
The Family are mainly from Ware, Herts but moved to London Docklands/East End during the 1800s before returning.


Steven HYETT (1955)

- No Husband -

Martha AUSTIN  (1803)

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