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April 2014

Origin of Name:
Parsell with variant spellings Parcall, Parsall and Parcell, derives from the Old French "parcelle" meaning a division of land, especially a section attached to a manor or estate, which constituted one unit for tax registration purposes. The name "Parcell(e)" was therefore occupational for a tenant who tended such division of land for his overlord, or perhaps, in some instances, the term was bestowed as a type of "Status" nickname on one who owned a parcel of land.
Family Connections:
All families are from Hertfordshire.
                 Eliza ILLOTT (1819)
                Frederick PARCELL (1777)
                 Winifred KNIGHT (1779)
               George PARCELL (1746)
                 Mary PHIPPS (1756)
               George PARSELL (1724)
                  Elizabeth GILBERT (1723)
               John PARSELL (1695)
                  Elizabeth xxxxxx (1695)

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8 April 2014