Origin of Name:
Of Norman origin, introduced into England after the Conquest of 1066. The surname derives from the Old French personal name "Mainard", "Meinard", ultimately from the Old Germanic "Maganhard", "Meginard", composed of the elements "magin", strength, with "hard", hardy, brave, strong; hence, "strength-strong".
The surname of MAYNARD was a baptismal name 'the son of Maynard', a long forgotten personal name.                                        
Family Connections:
(Gibson/Parsell Lineage).
Ann MAYNARD (1852) married James PARSELL (1848).
Family Coat of Arms
A silver shield with a red chevron between three red sinister hands couped at the wrist, the Crest being a stag trippant proper, attired and unguled gold. The motto "Manus justa nardus" translates as "A just hand is a precious ointment".

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