Liverpool / Manchester, Lancashire
Connection:  Genevieve Delaney (1902) / Christopher Bergin (1904)

Origin of Name:

ENGLISH:  First found in Devon after the Norman Conquests in 1066. Medieval Scribes usually spelt names the way they sounded and variations included Burgin, Burgon, Burgane, Burgoyne and many more.

IRISH:  Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Beirgin or Ó Meirgin, an altered form of Ó hAimheirgin ‘descendant of Aimheirgin’, a personal name of early Irish mythology and historical tales, perhaps composed of the elements amhra ‘wonderful’ + gin ‘birth’.  Origin of the name is County Offaly.
CONNECTION:  From Lancashire of Irish descent.  Connected through Delaney/Kelshaw Family.

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